Before I forget again

And just like that Christmas is over.  The other day I found a video on my phone from New Year’s Eve 2016.  It was a clip of Cian crawling for the first time. I had completely forgotten about it. My little man was still a baby. Fast forward a year and he’s now a little boy whose favourite words are daddy (daadeee), mine and no.

Time is going by so quickly. So before my memories fade here’s the little things that made our Christmas 2017.

Waking up before the kids on Christmas morning for the first time ever, because we were just that excited. Lifting a sleepy Cian from his cot to go see what Santa brought. Him, in turn, saying ‘no, no,no’ and wanting to go back to bed.

The kid’s expressions as they opened their presents. Cian shunning his new wooden train track in favour of his scuttle bug. Niall spending the morning setting up the new Xbox.  Eating a big Christmas breakfast listening to Christmas FM and sipping prosecco before 11 am.  Having our first family Christmas dinner in our home, just us. Spending Christmas night at my parents’ house eating profiterole cake, chocolate pudding and drinking red wine. Catching up with family from America and reminiscing about the old times. Lots of fun watching the kids open more presents and entertaining everyone.

Spending St Stephens Day with my in-laws.  Cian and his younger cousin’s look of amazement at Grandad’s Christmas Village. Playing board games late into the night while eating cheese and drinking port.

Watching Home Alone and Miracle on 34th Street, drinking hot chocolates and Baileys, eating a ridiculous amount of Roses and Quality Street.

Spending a cold, crisp afternoon wandering around Ardgillan Castle. Eating chocolate and beetroot cake in the tea rooms and exploring the frosty fairy gardens.


Spending New Year’s Eve watching the Light Show on the Liffey and doing the kids countdown at 7pm.  Doing the real countdown at home with all the kids who were still awake at 12am, them giddily jumping on the sofa and me drinking the last of the bubbly. The first Christmas nobody has been sick in a long time.  Lazy mornings, late nights, lots of cheese, cuddles on the couch and smiling kids.  And that’s it for another year. Happy 2018.




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