I can see the finish line!

So this is it, I can see the finish line in sight. 6 months to go until I finish my masters!

This will be me in 6 months time!!!

I’m studying part-time for my MSc in Digital Marketing in the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School. I started this degree in September 2013 and I’ll hand in my final project on August 9th 2015. It’s been such a great experience, I’ve met some great people including lecturers, classmates and clients and I’m 100% happy that I decided to just do it despite the million reasons not to.  Saying that, I must admit it is nice to finally be on the home stretch and dedicate the next 6 months to getting it done and producing a final capstone project.

This term I have one module left to complete, online research and analytics, and already the time is flying with four weeks of lectures over. This module finishes end of April and the summer will consist of carrying out research for my applied digital project and creating a strategy/plan for my chosen company. That is the fun part, designing research, carrying it out and analysing the data and using it to base my final strategy document on. Working on a live business project is great but there is the added pressure of wanting to perform your best,  you want to produce a final project that can be implemented immediately and one that is realistic for the company size/budget.

So, week four already over and we have learned how to define the research problem and break it down into sub-components. It’s harder than you think! My chosen company is a new start-up in the market gardening area. My research will focus on consumer preferences for buying organic fruit and vegetables online. It’s a completely new area for me, knowing nothing about horticulture/agriculture but it’s very exciting to be taking on something new.

So, it’s all go! But very exciting and fun and it’s time to put all my learning into practice and create something great. Let’s see how it goes!


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