My Christmas Tale

At dinner this evening I mentioned to my husband that I’m fed up with Christmas. After a tiring week of little sleep, due to work deadlines and a teething toddler, the thoughts of everything that needed to be finished over the next two days was stressing me out. It’s felt like the longest run-in to Christmas, yet I have so much to do.

‘Me too’, my husband responded.

‘Why are you fed up?’ I enquired. He mumbled something about being busy and defensively asked me what did I have to do. So I began to tell him my Christmas tale….

It all started in October with the list.  A Christmas gift app detailing everyone to buy for, including budget per person, gift ideas & where to buy them. I consulted family via Whatsapp groups on who got who in kris kindle draws. I ordered the turkey from M&S online, for collection on Christmas Eve.

In November I bought the Christmas cards, got up early on a Saturday morning to make sure the big (important) pressies were bought and ordered what needed to be delivered from the UK online.  I discovered some gifts couldn’t be delivered straight to Ireland so I figured out how to by-pass this and set-up an account with AddressPal. I bought wrapping paper & gift tags.

I looked for a restaurant and booked a table for a Christmas night out with friends. I organised a babysitter for the Christmas night out. I planned for the eldest’s birthday (disco themed) party in December, bought party decorations and ordered invitations online. I bought eldest’s birthday presents. I posted parcels to my sister-in-law in New Zealand. I bought the advent calendars. I spent hours trying to find my missing Addresspal deliveries from Amazon to a sorting office in the UK, wrote emails, made phone calls, tweeted and messaged everyone in An Post.

December things stepped up a gear. I rooted out & put up the Christmas tree and decorations (while the other half was at xmas do no. 1). I posted the kids Santa letters. I organised for santa to write back to the kids. I put Christmas bed covers on the beds. I organised the goodies for & watched the Late Late Toy Show with the kids. I decorated the house for the eldest’s birthday party, bought food and hosted the party. I cleaned up for four hours after the party (while other half was at xmas do no.2 ).

An Post found my missing parcels and I collected them from the post office. I brought the kids to a santa ‘experience’. I helped the kids make and decorate a gingerbread village. I helped the kids do Christmas baking and make Christmas presents. I got the kids dressed up for a Christmas photo to be given as presents to grand-parents. Got the photos printed and framed.

I re-decorated the tree every day since it’s erection as the toddler decided the baubles looked better on the floor, in the TV stand, on the bookshelf and sometimes in the dishwasher. I wrote Christmas cards & bought stamps. I remembered to move the effin elf every night.

I bought his gifts to family, friends and work kris kindle.  I bought my gifts to family, friends and kris kindles. I planned the Christmas dinner and watched lots of Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen. I bought Christmas pyjamas for the family. I bought Christmas clothes for the kids. I bought his Christmas present. I remembered to book middle child’s birthday party in January. I started wrapping presents. I re-wrapped presents the toddler had un-wrapped. I Pinterest-ed Christmas dinner table ideas.

I organised costumes for the kids Christmas concerts/plays. I helped the kids learn their Christmas songs.  I went to the kids Christmas concerts/plays where the toddler wanted to be the centre of attention, wriggled, squirmed and shouted throughout. I organised for Santa to send a Christmas video to the kids.

I bought presents for the kids’ teachers. I bought the Christmas food. And Christmas drink. I bought last minutes gifts. Wrapped the last minute gifts.

I remembered the Christmas gift app that hadn’t been looked at since October.

“What could possibly be left to do for Christmas?” I wondered.

He nodded and smiled.  He stopped listening somewhere around mid-November. Sigh.


Christmas wine




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  1. Aine Molloy
    December 22, 2017 / 1:37 am

    Hahaha men eh?! I know he’s my brother but he’s flipping useless!! Something similar here although with less kids and no birthdays!

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