And in the blink of an eye the baby turned one. It’s been one year since we welcomed our third and last baby into the world. He was born on 12.22am on a Sunday morning after a long three days in labour. Three weeks early just like his older brother and weighing 7lbs 12ozs he had a tuft of strawberry blonde hair and big blue eyes. And with that our family was complete.

And today on his first birthday he still has that light strawberry blonde hair, those bright deep blue eyes and makes us smile every day. He started walking in March at 11 months and is steadily getting faster by the day. He adores his older siblings. He sees Chloe as his protector and Seán as his hero. He gets excited when he sees daddy’s car coming home from work and his first word was dada.  His favourite toy is the TV remote control or anything he can hit Seán with in general. He loves to give Chloe cuddles and kisses and to wrestle Seán on the ground and chase him around the kitchen. 

He’s a little bit obsessed with the dishwasher when it’s open and tries his best to crawl into it if left unattended for more than a minute. He attempts to eat the bristles on the sweeping brush and is not a fan of his car seat. His sole aim on each car journey is to figure out how to wriggle out of his straps. He loves to nap in his cot during the day but prefers the space of his parents bed at night. He’s very affectionate and gives lots of hugs and sloppy kisses. 

To celebrate his first birthday we had a little Mickey Mouse party for him the day before his birthday. He was so giddy to see the giant Mickey Mouse air-walker balloon and chased it around the house. On his actual birthday he had his first taste of cake. He wasn’t quite sure what to do with it but once he got to grips with the slice he licked all the icing off and then threw the sponge on the ground.



Baby boy eats birthday cake.


cian_edited8  Happy first birthday little man! 


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