Reasons Seán cried last week. 

I’m a big fan of the Tumblr blog Reasons my kid is crying. It’s so funny to see that most pre-schoolers are the same and sometimes they are just impossible to reason with. Sean’s had one of those weeks. It may be because he’s been a bit under the weather, it might be because he’s going through a growth spurt or maybe because he’s becoming more independent and wants to exert his authority. He’s just been a bit more emotional and sensitive this past week. He’s also very stubborn (something he inherits from me) so won’t give in easily. Here’s a few of the reasons he cried this week (and by cry I mean have a mini-meltdown):

Monday: I wouldn’t let him eat ice-cream before his dinner. 

photo 2(1)















Tuesday: I wouldn’t let him water the sofa with his watering can.

photo 3















Wednesday: His daddy put the car seat in the car (he wanted mum to do it).
















Thursday: He didn’t want to wear pyjamas going to bed.















Friday: I wouldn’t let him climb the shelves in his wardrobe.















Gotta love pre-schoolers!!! Just to prove he wasn’t all tears and tantrums though here’s one looking like butter wouldn’t melt.






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