Siblings Project {February 2017}

I’m finally joining the Siblings Project and hope to capture these three every month now going forward.  For February’s photo we took a trip to our local beach one rare sunny mild afternoon. I love this beach, it has a lovely walkway to the waterfront with long grass that makes great shelter for picnics and taking photos.


It’s interesting to see the dynamic change between Chloe and Sean since Cian was born and even more so this month as Cian starts to become more mobile and interactive. They have bonded over the baby, they work together more to entertain him and both vie for his attention but there’s also a bit of jealousy with Sean. The reality of life in the middle for Sean has set in and he’s not sure if he likes it just yet.



Three children sit in grassy dunes by the sea. Mum I Am Blog February.Cian is growing up so quickly and changing so much each month. Cian turned ten months old in February and wants to explore everything, he has discovered a new sense of freedom since crawling.  He can stand for a minute un-aided and prefers to use a stool as a walker than his actual walker. He is fascinated with his older siblings and watches them intently. His eyes light up when they come into the room and he babbles at them excitedly every day.




Sean started swimming lessons in February and loves going every week with his dad. They have a little routine of going for pancakes after his lesson on Saturday mornings. 


Chloe is becoming even more independent than she was already, she’s a girl who can speak her mind and still loves a bit of drama. She has adjusted to our new life really well and she says it herself that it feels like she’s been here forever. 




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