Siblings Project {March 2017}


Happy St. Patricks Day everyone. We’re enjoying the long bank holiday weekend and hoping for some dry weather later so we can go to our local parade. I took these photos yesterday when the weather was a bit brighter. We’ve had such a lovely week here with unusually warm and sunny weather for March. This has been a busy month so far, my last day in work after seven years arrived and I’m now officially a stay at home mum. It’s exciting to see what’s next but for now I’m enjoying being with the kids every day. We finally got back to our various house projects that needed finishing and I’ve started to plan my garden project which I hope will be ready for May. 

These three have had a great month, after-school activities are keeping them and me busy and Sean passed his first stage in swimming lessons so he’s moving up to the next stage this weekend. Chloe is doing baking this term and loves it. She also started Gaelic football in school and scored a goal during her first match. Cian took his first proper steps by himself and is determined to walk. I think he’ll be fully walking by his first birthday. He also has some sounds that he uses for each of us, mama for me when he wants something, ga ga for my brother and he’s nearly got da da for Niall.  It’s the most amazing thing to watch him reach all his milestones like it was for the other two but there’s a little sadness in knowing it’s the last firsts. Our last baby who will soon be a toddler. He is fast approaching is first birthday next month and I can’t believe how quickly this past year has flown. I’m clinging to every last baby cuddle before he turns into a toddler. 

This month I’ve noticed Cian wants to play more with his brother when he’s in his play area. He will crawl over to him and sit and watch Sean, trying to join in and figure out what it’s all about. Sometimes he’ll balance himself on Sean, grabbing him by his shoulders and climbing on his back. It won’t be long before they’ll be playing together properly. Chloe continues to mother the baby, he’s quite happy to sit on her lap, she feeds him and he sometimes calls her mama when he wants something which is so sweet. She’s his protector and he looks to her for approval as much as me. 


Small boy and girl with St. Patricks Day flag. chloesean3_ed Three kids sitting with the little boy winking.



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  1. March 18, 2017 / 7:58 pm

    Ahhh they are so adorable together. They look great in their matching outfits to celebrate. #siblingsproject

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