Summer Fun: A look back at July 2016

The weather was hit and miss, we were packing moving boxes instead of holiday luggage but surprisingly this July was one of the nicest I’ve ever had.  Being on maternity leave this Summer I got to truly appreciate the freedom of no school runs. The baby, who has luckily always been a good sleeper since he was born, decided to sleep even longer until 6am or 7am and then straight back asleep after his morning feed until 10am, which meant I had an extended lie-in most mornings. 

When the sun did make an appearance we made every effort to get out of the house, picnics in the park, walks, the playground. I thought having three of them to manage would be hard but it’s actually a lot easier to get out the house than keep them quiet entertain them all day at home with the growing mountain of moving boxes.

The baby loved being out and spent half his time quietly taking in his new world and the rest of the time asleep. The older two have had their moments, they haven’t spent this much time together EVER. They have had their fights and their ‘I’m telling mammy’ more than once but I have loved spending time with them. 

Castletown House

July Mum I Am Blog

IMG_1649IMG_1763 IMG_3555I even managed some me-time, on a glorious sunny day in Dublin when I met with two friends for our now annual trip for afternoon tea.  The fourth friend was excused as she was busy giving birth. This time we tried the Atrium at the Westin Hotel in Dublin and we opted for A Most Peculiar Afternoon Tea, which in fact involves no tea at all. Mojito cocktails are instead served in china teacups. This was my kind of Sunday afternoon.

Instead of the traditional sandwiches and scones we tasted the culinary delights of confit of pork cheek, stilton and honey aioli, prawn cocktail in charcoal cones, spiced roast beef, spinach, red onion and horseradish involtine. There was also Irish salmon, caviar and cream cheese blini’s, the most delicious banana and walnut bread, cinnamon and honey butter amaretti, popping vanilla marshmallows and almond frangipane tart and chocolate and caramel brownies. It was so delicious and we left full and a little tipsy!


IMG_3342 IMG_3336 IMG_3339

On the hottest day of the year when temperatures topped that of the French Riviera (for one day only) we packed a picnic and headed straight to the beach in Malahide. The kids loved it and it may very well have been the only day that was beach worthy. It was packed, took us twenty minutes to find parking but it was worth it as we spent a blissful afternoon making sandcastles, collecting shells and wading in and out of the surprisingly lukewarm Irish sea. The kids loved it, the baby got to feel sand and sea beneath his feet for the first time and the sea air made everyone sleep soundly that night. 


We also spent a rainy afternoon in Imaginosity, the childrens’ museum in Sandyford and a very enjoyable afternoon wandering around Dublin Zoo where the highlight was the new sea lion cove. Visitors can now view the sea lions in their new saltwater habitat underwater as-well as above. 

IMG_2057  IMG_3674

So this July has been surprisingly relaxing and now the countdown is on until the big move at the end of August. Moving house, moving schools and settling into a brand new town. It’s all ahead of us…….

Check out our little video above on our July highlights.




  1. August 10, 2016 / 12:26 pm

    What a lovely read and great pics too. Well done to you for creating such fantastic memories for your children☺

  2. August 11, 2016 / 2:20 pm

    Looks like you have made some lovey memories.

  3. August 12, 2016 / 9:37 pm

    It looks like you had a fun summer! We love taking the kids to the zoo too!

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