The Right Move {Part II}

Continued from The Right Move Part I

Three days after Cian was born myself and my husband sat in the hospital cafe pondering the week that had been. Cian was undergoing phototherapy in the hospital’s NICU for high levels  of jaundice. It had been a long week since we had heard that our mortgage application had been rejected. I had gone into labour on the night of April 7th and a long 49 hours later he was born on April 10th (read Cian’s birth story). We decided right there and then in the hospital cafe to press the bank to give us some feedback on why we had been rejected. 

We composed the email on my phone, sent it off and then it was a waiting game. What followed was a stark realisation that some people aren’t qualified to do their job. Our mortgage advisor didn’t reply so the following week Niall contacted an old friend of his who worked in another area at the bank and he kindly enquired directly with the underwriters for us.  To cut a long story short it turned out they had requested clarification on four points concerning our application, all minor, to which our mortgage advisor in-branch never responded. Not only did the rep actually have all this information already from our meetings but she never even contacted us. There were calls made to the branch manager and within a day our original application was thankfully re-submitted. 

Finally in early May we got the go ahead. Mortgage approval in principle and we got our apartment on the market. We put down the deposit on the new house and suddenly it all felt very real. After only one viewing on our apartment we had an offer from a cash buyer who could move quickly if need be. It was all very exciting. 

The initial elation however was followed by a very long and anxious summer waiting for our new house to be finished. The builders pushed back the completion date by almost a month. I packed so many boxes. We did the snag list. We picked out flooring and appliances. I enrolled the kids in their new school. The new owner put the pressure on to get in. I did more packing. There was no summer holiday as we were waiting on the house to be finished so I took the kids out as much as I could. It felt like an endless summer. 

Finally August 30th was the day it all came together and we got the keys to our new house. We had to be out of the apartment by 5pm. The moving trucks were arriving at 10am and the appliances at the new house at 11am. It all sounded like a good plan but it was more work than I had anticipated .  With the invaluable help of my parents and brother we pulled it off. I now know why they say it’s stressful moving house.  I spent moving day at the apartment cleaning. I was still steaming the hall on the way out the door at 4:45pm. Cian was just four months old and spent the day from his baby seat watching me fritter about. Niall made two trips up & back couriering our belongings. Chloe spent an emotional day saying goodbye to her friends and Sean was quite oblivious to all the commotion. 

Then it was a chaotic day of unpacking and before we knew it the first day of school for the kids was upon us. And just like that our new adventure begun.  It was a glorious balmy indian summer day, we collected the kids from school and headed straight to the beach. And suddenly it felt like home. img_4242-1 img_4229-1 img_4228-1 img_4245-1 Mum I Am BlogWriting this four months later and taking the time to reflect on the year that’s been I can wholeheartedly say it was absolutely  unequivocally the right move. It is a gamble moving to a new town. New school, new neighbours, new life but for us it worked out better than we could have hoped for. Settling in has had its ups and downs. The move was hardest on Chloe at the beginning, she was quite upset for the first three weeks and we did worry if she would settle. Then with time she did. She also fractured her foot in school early October which took two trips to A&E, one air boot and eight weeks to heal.  Mum I Am Blog For me, moving house while being on maternity leave worked out great. I have had fun decorating the house and am putting my final touches on it this month.  I found a nice routine with the baby and love being there for the older two every day after school. Stress and anxiety has been minimised.

My daily commute is now a five minute drive to the school and takes in the scenic coast road which always makes me smile. The kids start school at 9.20am so mornings aren’t rushed and it feels like we finally have space to breath.

And now that the big move is over, the decorating almost done and the kids settled it’s time to think about what’s next for me.  As my maternity leave is drawing to an end it’s decision time on what I want to do next. For the first time in a long time I have options. After almost a year off, a new perspective on life and a long time ambition bursting to be explored I think I now know what’s next for me….


Coming up: The Next Move

Coming soon: Decorating The New House  


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