The Right Move

It’s been just over four months now since we made the big move to our new home and our new life. It has been a hectic and exciting few months hence the lack of time to write.  Things are now beginning to settle and I finally have time to reflect on the last year and our big move. 

This time last year things were a lot more uncertain. We had just started house hunting, I was six months pregnant with baby number three, living in a two bedroom apartment, spending a stressful two hours commuting to work every day and the mortgage application process ahead of us was daunting. Having two kids in the apartment was manageable at best, it was a big ground floor apartment in a family estate, they had lots of friends to play with and open spaces to play. However three kids in a two bedroom apartment would be impossible. 

We knew that we wouldn’t be able to stay living in the area we had been for the past ten years as the house prices were out of our range and it was hard to conceive living somewhere else at that time. We had family five minutes around the corner, I liked the schools and neighbours but it just wasn’t an option to stay. 

A major priority for us was we didn’t want a big mortgage. Having spent years getting out from under debt and in a position to apply for the new mortgage we did not want to be immediately suffocated by more debt. We did not want a huge house, just somewhere with space for the kids and us to live comfortably. 

Each weekend in January we took trips to open viewings. And each one was more depressing than the last. The sheer number of people viewing the houses was off-putting, we would often just arrive on the doorstep to be told there was already an offer that was above the asking price. Other houses that had looked livable in the online brochure were derelict in reality. I became addicted to and Daft, inspecting every property in a 30 mile radius that popped up in my notifications daily. By the end of February there were only a handful of houses out of all that we viewed that we liked, none that we loved and we were a bit disheartened. 

We were told by every estate agent we met that there was no point in even viewing houses until we had sale agreed on our property as everything was selling so fast. We had to be ready to make an offer and move quickly. So despite not knowing where we were moving to we got the mortgage application in motion. Initial mortgage advisory meetings gave us a better idea on what our maximum lending could be and after weeks of gathering documents we were ready to submit. 

We realised at this point a couple of things about the application process. First that banks hate children. A tad overdramatic but they do seem to view them as a risk. As a competitor to their repayments as such. And we only had two at the time of applying. Banks like to see lots of sensible spending, savings and little or no loans. We were able to hide Chloe’s childcare as we were paying cash in hand and had spent the previous six months paying down the last of our loans. We didn’t have a huge amount of savings but we would have some equity on the sale of the apartment and it was the bank of mum & dad that would help with the rest  be our saviours! 

In March I spotted online a new development with show houses in the north east that looked really nice. They were within our price range, five minutes drive to the beach and yet within commutable distance to work so we took a trip up. From my first step inside the show house I fell in love with it. Now I know every show house is immaculate and made to look it’s best but these houses just felt like home right away. It was the spacious open plan design that really appealed to me, it felt like we could be together as a family yet have our separate areas to retreat to when needed.  



Finally on April 6th we got news from our mortgage advisor. To our shock and disappointment the news was that our mortgage application had been rejected. I had just returned from the hospital after a night of false labour the day before, emotions running high already it seemed like everything was going wrong.  The next night on April 7th I went into real labour and two days later Cian arrived so mortgage stuff and house hunting got sidetracked for a while…


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  1. January 13, 2017 / 2:05 am

    You definitely had a lot on your plate! I can absolutely remember the stress of house hunting. Feeling disappointed when something doesn’t turn out as expected, overwhelmed by the limited options, heart broken when you have a plan in mind and it falls through.
    Kate recently posted…Goals for the New YearMy Profile

  2. January 13, 2017 / 2:35 am

    It can be so stressful when we want everything to work out but not sure how it will. We are about to make a big move too and have started the house hunting process. It’s so exciting but also stressful about finding the perfect place for us!

  3. Kathy
    January 13, 2017 / 12:46 pm

    Trying to manage house hunting while also expecting is so stressful on it’s own, not to mention that you already have 2 kids to take care of on top of all of that! We only moved apartments while expecting our first within the same building and it was a lot to handle. Hope you found the perfect place to call home.

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